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Set a navigation structure for a web

You can create a navigation structure for the current web by organizing pages in Navigation view. When you add navigation bars to pages in your web, FrontPage sets up each navigation bar according to this structure. The navigation structure determines which hyperlinks to put on the navigation bar, and the page titles determine the labels for the hyperlinks:

Set a navigation structure for a web

Navigation view displays your current web structure, which at a minimum includes your home page. In Navigation view, do one or more of the following:

  • To add an existing page to the current navigation structure, click the page in the Folder List, and drag it to the position in the structure where you want it.
  • To move a page in the navigation structure, click the page, and then drag it to another location, such as under or next to another page.
  • To give a page a meaningful title, right-click the page, click Rename on the shortcut menu, and then edit the name.
  • To add a new page under an existing page, right-click the existing page, and then click New Page on the shortcut menu. For example, you can add a page under your home page.
  • To add an external page (a page that is not in your web), right-click the page under which you want to add the external hyperlink, and then specify the destination in the URL box.
  • To delete a page from the navigation structure, click the page, and then press DELETE. Click Remove this page from all navigation bars.

Tip   To open a page to edit it, double-click the page.

For more information how the navigation structure determines navigation bars,


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